Call Center Solutions

Encounter the miracle of Omnichannel Contact Center Software

An omnichannel contact center solution is a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to interact with customers through various communication channels seamlessly. It integrates multiple channels such as voice calls, email, chat, social media, SMS, and more into a unified system, allowing customers to engage with a company through their preferred channel while maintaining consistent and personalized experiences. It is cheery on top when the system is FreeSwitch based Call Center called ItsMyCallCenter having high capacity of concurrent call volumes with minimal server requirements to manage thousands of extensions.

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Multi-tenant Call Center Solution

A multi-tenant call center solution is a software platform that allows multiple organizations or businesses to operate their own call centers within a shared infrastructure. It provides a centralized system that enables each tenant to manage and customize their call center operations independently while sharing common resources and features. Our FreeSwitch based ItsMyCallCenter is a Multi-tenant Soluion tailor and fulfil all above said points of multi-tenancy.

  • Centralized Administration.
  • Reporting and Analytics.
  • Integration Capabilities.
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Main USP Of ItsMyCallCenter

Concurrent Calls

500 to 5000+

Unlimited extensions


Freeswitch Based

Call Center Solution

Third Party Integration

API Needed

Product Enhancement

It's Your Call

Secure and Robust

Bye Bye Hackers

Ticketing system


Stylish UI/UX

Lean system

ItsMyCallCenter Features

Integrations CRM and SMS

We are ready to integrate any third party CRM who offers the working API to connect with our System.

1. ZohoCRM


2. Salesforce CRM


3. Zenddesk


4. Custom CRM


5. Twilio


6. Nexmo