ItsMyCallCenter is not limited to products but offers plethora of services at certain level on VoIP open-source platform and among them one is VICIdial. Since we started working on VICIdial, gradually it boost our confidence after completed some complex projects.

What is VICIdial?

VICIdial is an open-source, cloud-based contact center solution suitable for small to large call centers in a variety of industries. Key features include inbound and outbound calls, call routing, email integration, online chat and call recording.

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What VICIdial offers?

VICidial is an open-source call center suite software that is widely used for inbound and outbound call center operations. It stands for "Voice, Interactive, and Conversational" and "Dial" for its main purpose of dialing phone numbers for call center agents. We offer our VICIdial services across all continents in the world considering Installation, Features Enhancement, Data Migration & Upgradation, Support & Maintenance and Theme development. VICidial provides a range of features designed to facilitate contact center activities, including:

  • Inbound and Outbound Call Management: VICidial enables both inbound and outbound call handling. Inbound calls can be routed to available agents, and outbound calls can be dialed automatically or manually by agents.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): The ACD functionality allows incoming calls to be distributed among available agents based on various criteria, such as agent skills, call priority, or time of day.
  • Predictive Dialling: VICidial includes a predictive dialer that automatically dials multiple numbers simultaneously and connects answered calls to available agents. This helps maximize agent productivity by reducing idle time.
  • Call Recording: The system can record calls for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes.
  • Agent Scripting: VICidial allows administrators to create customized agent scripts that guide agents through conversations with callers.
  • Real-time Metrics and Reporting: The system provides real-time performance metrics and detailed reports, giving supervisors and managers insights into call center performance.
  • Integration Capabilities: VICidial can integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, databases, and other third-party applications to streamline workflows and improve data management.
  • Voicemail Management: VICidial can handle voicemail drops, where pre-recorded messages are left on answering machines when a live person does not answer.
  • Multi-Channel Communication: In addition to phone calls, VICidial supports other communication channels such as email and SMS.
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How can ItsMyCallCenter help you here?

VICIdial Installation

      Installing VICidial requires setting up a server environment that meets the software's requirements and then following the installation steps. Here's a general outline of the installation process by us.

      Note: Installing VICidial can be a complex process and may require technical expertise. If you are not familiar with server administration and Linux, it is recommended to knock us and we will do the installation process to ensure all files properly installed and system can work as expected.

VICIdial Prerequisites


You need a dedicated or virtual private server running a Linux distribution (e.g., CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu) with root access.

Hardware Requirements

VICidial can be resource-intensive, so ensure your server meets the minimum hardware requirements, including CPU, RAM, and disk space. You can approach us to get all details to prevent glitches.

Software Dependencies

VICidial relies on various software packages such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Asterisk. Make sure these dependencies are installed on your server.

Installation Steps

  • Download VICidial:If you want to install by yoru own then please obtain the latest VICidial installation files from the official VICidial website or repository. If you want us to install then we will take care ahead and your system will be ready in 48 hours by installing Trunk, set DID's and many more.
  • Prepare the Server Environment:Install the required software packages and dependencies, such as Apache, MySQL (or MariaDB), PHP, and Asterisk. Configure PHP settings to meet VICidial's requirements (e.g., increase max_execution_time, memory_limit).
  • Create the VICidial Database:Set up a MySQL/MariaDB database and user for VICidial. Import the initial database schema provided by VICidial.
  • Configure Asterisk:Set up Asterisk to handle inbound and outbound calls. Configure trunks and dial plans as per your telephony requirements.
  • Configure VICidial:Edit the VICIDIAL configuration files, including dbconnect.php to specify the database connection details. Configure telephony settings, SIP/IAX settings, and other parameters based on your setup.
  • Upload VICidial Sounds:Download the VICidial sounds package from the official website and upload it to the appropriate directories on your server.
  • Set File Permissions:Adjust file and folder permissions as necessary to ensure VICidial can access and modify the required files.
  • Start Services:Start the necessary services, such as Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, and Asterisk.
  • Access VICidial Web Interface:Once everything is set up, access the VICidial web interface from your web browser. You should be able to log in as the administrator using the default credentials.
  • Configure Users and Campaigns:Set up agents, managers, and other users with appropriate permissions.Create campaigns with the desired settings (inbound or outbound, dialing modes, etc.).
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